About Us

Founded in London in 2019 by a group of entrepreneurs and financial professionals, Mode is a financial services business delivering the products of tomorrow, today.

Our Mission

At Mode, we believe that the payment and loyalty industries are characterised by fragmentation and legacy infrastructure, with resulting pain points for consumers and businesses alike. We also believe that most financial providers are neglecting one of the most exciting parts of modern economy - digital assets.

Our mission is to build the next-generation financial ecosystem that integrates all these elements into one truly connected ecosystem, so consumers and businesses can connect in ways that have never before been achieved. At the heart of that ecosystem will lie the Mode Super App.

Our Products To Date

Mode has gone a long way building and market-testing the key products and services that will form the Mode ecosystem and Super App. Our products include:

Mode has launched a new-breed digital finance app that allows users to easily and safely invest in Bitcoin, and hold their money and Bitcoin holdings, all in one app.

Mode offers payment processing and marketing services for UK and European businesses to access over 1 billion Chinese consumers. Mode has secured key partnerships with Tencent (WeChat) and Alibaba (Alipay).

What’s Next For Mode

Mode is seeking to expand its current products and services by:

- Launching a revolutionary payments solution powered by Open Banking that eliminates the need for cards once and for all. The new solution will aim to facilitate direct and seamless transactions in traditional and digital currency between businesses and Mode users.

-Develop a loyalty and rewards engine that builds on financial and payment-related insights, allowing businesses to run targeted loyalty campaigns to engage with new and existing consumers.

- Integrating the new payment and loyalty capabilities into the Mode app and relaunch as the Mode Super App -a next-generation super app with unique payment, investment, loyalty and digital asset features, all in one.

- Continuing to expand Mode’s business client base using global payment and marketing services, connecting more UK and European businesses with a growing consumer base from China and beyond.

Our Team

Mode is run by a diverse and experienced team of entrepreneurs and financial professionals, and backed by a well known pool of global investors, with a shared goal of promoting our vision of building the next-gen banking ecosystem for consumers and businesses.