Building the next-gen financial ecosystem for consumers and businesses

Mode is a UK Fintech group with a vision: to leverage today’s rapid digitalisation by building the next-generation financial ecosystem that directly connects consumers and businesses, combining the best of payments, investment, loyalty and digital assets.


About Us

Our Vision

Mode’s vision is to leverage the rapid digitisation happening in today’s economy and build the next-generation ecosystem that combines the best of digital payments, investment, loyalty and digital assets. At the heart of that ecosystem, directly connecting consumers and businesses, will lie the Mode super app.

Our Team

Our team has over 200 years of real world operational experience, across 30 years of changing market conditions, delivering successful financial services and technology based businesses in the UK, Europe and the World. Mode is also backed by a well-known pool of global investors.

Our Products

Mode has launched a range of innovative financial products including a new-breed financial app for consumers, and a payments and marketing platform for UK businesses to attract customers globally. Mode is now seeking to launch its own revolutionary payments and loyalty solution for the UK market.

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